Australian Government: Football Federation Australia: terms of reference

Page last updated: 01 November 2013

Strategic review into the sustainability of football in Australia

In order to position the Football Federation Australia (FFA) in the lead-up to the 2015 Asian Cup the purpose of the review by the Australian Government is to assess the structure, governance and management of football in Australia and to identify key opportunities to ensure the financial viability and sustainability of football in Australia. The review will:

  • Assess the required financial, governance and management structures for the 2015 Asian Cup.
  • Describe the current state of football in Australia in terms of its structure, governance and management giving consideration to the recent internal review of operations undertaken by FFA and the financial audit undertaken by PM&C.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure, governance and management of football in Australia.
  • Assess the extent to which the implementation of the Crawford Review has increased the viability of football in Australia.
  • Taking into consideration the recent internal review undertaken by FFA and taking account of forecast income streams, identify opportunities to improve the financial viability of football and its administration, including in relation to the A-League, its governance and operation and the management structures, governance and strategies relating to the Asian Cup.
  • Recommend key milestones and timelines which if adopted, would significantly improve the financial viability of FFA and football in Australia.