National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions

The National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions (the Framework) is the overarching policy document for chronic conditions that sets the directions and outcomes to achieve its Vision that “all Australians live healthier lives through effective prevention and management of chronic conditions.”

Page last updated: 22 June 2017

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What is the Framework?

The Framework provides guidance for the development and implementation of policies, strategies, actions and services to reduce the impact of chronic conditions in Australia. It supersedes the National Chronic Disease Strategy 2005 and associated National Service Improvement Frameworks.

The Framework moves away from a disease-specific approach and provides national direction applicable to a broad range of chronic conditions by recognising that there are often similar underlying principles for the prevention and management of many chronic conditions. The Framework will better cater for shared health determinants, risk factors and multimorbidities across a broad range of chronic conditions.

The Framework was endorsed by all Health Ministers, through the COAG Health Council, in February 2017 and publicly released in May 2017.

Who is the Framework for?

The Framework is directed at decision and policy makers at national, state and local levels. It is a useful resource for governments, the non-government sector, stakeholder organisations, local health service providers, private providers, industry and communities that advocate for, and provide care and education for, people with chronic conditions and their carers and families.

Who developed the Framework?

Under the auspice of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, the Australian Government, in partnership with states and territories, has developed the Framework.

Many individuals and organisations have given their time and expertise to the development of the Framework through an online public consultation in 2016, as well as scoping and national targeted consultation workshops during 2015. Through these processes, advice was received from a wide range of stakeholders, including state and territory representatives, relevant peak bodies, clinical experts, health professionals, researchers, academics and consumer reps.

Commissioned Work

Chronic disease prevention interventions in children and young adults: A rapid review of evidence

The Chronic disease prevention interventions in children and young adults review was prepared for the Department of Health on behalf of The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre.

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