Carers identified?

Report of the project "Identifying the carer" to develop nationally consistent policies and good practice protocols to identify carers of people with a mental illness, and to provide nationally consistent information for carers on admission to a service.

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Carers identified? (online)
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Cover pages (PDF 96 KB)
Table of contents (PDF 13 KB)
Executive summary and recommendations (PDF 38 KB)
1. Context (PDF 16 KB)
2. Methodology (PDF 12 KB)
3. Literature review (PDF 56 KB)
4. Australian policy, legislation and practice in regard to identification of carers (PDF 54 KB)
5. Summary of consultation (PDF 47 KB)
6. Nationally consistent policies and protocols for the identification of carers of people with a mental illness (PDF 828 KB large file)
7. The circle of opportunity for identification (PDF 7 KB)
8. Information brochure for carers (PDF 124 KB)
Appendices (PDF 86 KB)
References (PDF 15 KB)

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