Advisory Committee Meeting Bulletin 19/1

The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) Advisory Committee (the Committee) was established in 2016 to provide advice and assistance to the Department of Health.

Page last updated: 02 December 2019

Advisory Committee Meeting Bulletin 19/1 (PDF 169 KB)

Fifth, sixth and seventh meeting updates

The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme (DIAS) Advisory Committee (the Committee) provides advice to the Department of Health on the development of standards for the DIAS, including implementation arrangements and associated regulation impacts. Detailed information about the Committee, including its roles and functions, membership, and updates about ongoing work, can be found on the Departments website.

The fifth, sixth and seventh meetings of the Committee were held on 1 November 2018, 2 May 2019 and 31 October 2019.

Outcomes of 1 November 2018 meeting

At its fifth meeting, the Committee heard from representatives of the three approved accreditor organisations, namely Health and Disability Auditing Australia (HDAA), the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), regarding their participation in the DIAS, and common non-compliance issues. This provided a valuable opportunity to share lessons learnt and identify different options for reviewing and updating the DIAS Standards.

The Committee also endorsed their ongoing work plan, and discussed processes to revise and develop the current standards.

Outcomes of 2 May 2019 meeting

At its sixth meeting, the Committee heard from a representative of the Client Focussed Evaluation Program (CFEP) regarding the use of validated surveys for collecting patient feedback about their experiences with health care.

The Committee also considered reports from two of the three Working Groups reviewing a subset of the current DIAS standards and noted progress against the work plan.

Outcomes of 31 October 2019 meeting

The first term of the Committee expired on 30 June 2019, and the seventh meeting of the committee was held on the 31 October 2019 which marked the inaugural meeting of the new Committee.

At this meeting, the Committee:

  • endorsed the Terms of Reference and Committee Member Guidelines for the term of the Committee
  • discussed the work plan and objectives for the next term of the Committee
  • discussed the remake of the legislative instruments which underpin the DIAS
  • endorsed the Stakeholder Engagement Plan which provides a framework for communicating outcomes of the work of the Committee with interested stakeholders
  • discussed concerns raised by the three Accreditors in relation to the operation of the DIAS and specific Standards
  • considered the progress of the Working Groups reviewing a subset of the DIAS Standards
  • endorsed two new Advisory Statements published by the Committee to clarify the requirements of Standard 1.6 and 3.2

Next meeting date

The next meeting of the Committee is expected to take place in the first half of 2020.

Update on documents developed by the Committee

Advisory Statements

At December 2019 the Committee has published nine Advisory Statements, which clarify specific requirements of the current DIAS accreditation standards.

User Guide amendments

The most recent versions of the User Guide and associated appendices (13A and 13B) are available for download on the Departments website.