Paying your Medicare Compliance debt

Information to help you understand the process for paying your compliance debt.

Page last updated: 20 September 2018

You are legally responsible to repay any incorrect payments made to you, even if it is the result of any accidental incorrect claim, for example, incorrect item coding.

If you owe money to the Department of Health (the Department) as result of an incorrect claim or payment you will receive an invoice which will include the amount to be repaid. You must pay the total invoice amount within 28 days from the invoice date.

If you don’t pay the invoice amount in full by the due date, the Department recovers debts, through:

  • co-operative arrangements where an agreement is reached between the debtor and the Department to repay the debt
  • set off arrangements where the Department can deduct up to 20 per cent of future benefit payments to the debtor after all rights of review have expired
  • a Garnishee Order allowing the Department to recover money from a debtor's bank account after all rights for review have expired and an agreed repayment plan isn’t made within 90 days.

How to Pay a Compliance Debt

To ensure your payment is processed without delay, make sure you include the invoice or reference number provided when making a payment. The quickest and easiest way to repay your debt is by BPAY or credit card. Payment method details are outlined below.
payment options which include Bpay, credit card, Eftpos and mailing details.  Please refer to the notpad link on this page for an accessible version of the text against this image.
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Managing Payments

The Department expects all debtors to pay their debt by the invoice due date. If you are unable to repay the debt in full, by the due date, contact the Department as soon as possible to make alternate arrangements.

The Department has the discretion to consider other payment options to assist you with the timely repayment of your debt. Each debt will be considered on its merits and on the basis of the information provided.

Failure to Pay

You must pay your debt by the due date. Failure to do so could result in the Department:
  • applying interest charges to your debt
  • set off the debt against your future payments
  • taking legal action
  • directly garnisheeing amounts from debtors.


If you have any questions about your debt, or need to make payment arrangements, contact a Health Provider Compliance Officer by: