Building Australia's Football Community—review into the sustainability of football

3. Government Funding

Page last updated: 25 October 2013

Since the establishment of FFA in 2004, the government has provided more than $150 million in support of football in Australia. FFA has received $122 million of that funding including $16 million from the Australian Sports Commission for High Performance and Sports Participation programs, $57 million of special assistance funding, $7 million for early work associated with hosting the 2015 Asian Cup and $42 million for the 2022 World Cup bid.
World cup bid and Asian cup funding
Discussions are underway with FFA to determine the appropriate level of government support for the operational costs over the next three years associated with hosting the 2015 Asian Cup.
Government funding to FFA since 2004
While FFA recorded a modest cumulative surplus over the last eight years, the results in individual years have varied. In 2006–07 and 2009–10, the years when special assistance funding wasn’t provided or was provided at a reduced level, FFA recorded operating losses. Significant pressure is placed on FFA’s finances when individual A-League clubs experience financial difficulties and when licenses are relinquished.