National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Australia’s National Drug Strategy – Beyond 2009: Consultation submissions

The Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (MCDS) called for submissions from expert stakeholders and the broader community to inform the development of the next phase of Australia’s National Drug Strategy 2010-2015.

The MCDS will consider all submissions in response to this consultation process in developing a draft of the National Drug Strategy 2010-2015.

Published Submissions


Submissions were forwarded to the Department in a range of formats including Word, RTF, PDF and handwritten or typed hardcopy. Submissions have been published in the format in which they were received, hardcopy submissions have been scanned into PDF format.

If you are unable to access any of the documents please contact or
National Drug Strategy Consultation
MDP 701
GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

for an alternative version to be provided to you.


Submissions classified by the author as 'Confidential' have not been published on the website and will not be made available to the public.

Note that general disclaimers in covering emails have not been interpreted as a specific request or taken as sufficient reason for submissions to be treated confidentially.


To ensure that the privacy of third parties (including family members) is protected, and that the Commonwealth complies with its own legal obligations, some submissions have been published with the submitter's first name only and/or with third party details removed. Private contact details (eg, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) contained in submissions have also been removed. There may be minor formatting changes as a result.

NOTE: The views expressed in submissions are those of the authors and copyright in submissions remains with the authors, not with the Department.

NumberSubmission DateSubmitted byPublished format
0012009122121 Dec 2009D BrownWord
0022009122323 Dec 2009A WalterWord
0032010011010 Jan 2010Michael StevensWord
0042010011818 Jan 2010Tony Trimminham Family Drug SupportWord
0052010011010 Jan 2010P LambertWord
0062010011515 Jan 2010Dr Lorraine BeyerPDF
0062010011515 Jan 2010Dr Lorraine BeyerPDF
0072010121818 Dec 2010George ONeilPDF
0082010011919 Jan 2010Evan ThomasWord
0092010020505 Feb 2010SADECSWord
0102010020505 Feb 2010S McLean R BrunoWord
0112009021010 Feb 2009DPMPPDF
0142010021515 Feb 2010SEDACSPDF
0152010021313 Feb 2010C LindstromWord
0162010021616 Feb 2010NOFASARDWord
0172010021616 Feb 2010Commissioner for Children and Young People WAPDF
0182010021919 Feb 2010Brewers AssociationPDF
0192010022121 Feb 2010AnonWord
0202010022222 Feb 2010General Practice VictoriaWord
0212010022222 Feb 2010Pharmaceutical Society of AustraliaPDF
0222010022020 Feb 2010R JonesWord
0242010022323 Feb 2010Anglicare TasWord
0252010022323 Feb 2010NSWIOPPDF
0272010022323 Feb 2010A DarcyPDF
0282010022323 Feb 2010Mersey Leven Aboriginal CorpPDF
0292010022323 Feb 2010Community LivingWord
0302010022323 Feb 2010Sydney MSICPDF
0312010022323 Feb 2010NADAPDF
0322010022323 Feb 2010ATCAPDF
0332010022424 Feb 2010AnonWord
0342010022424 Feb 2010Alcohol Education Rehabiliation FoundationPDF
0352010022424 Feb 2010W HerbertPDF
0362010022424 Feb 2010Creative OutsourceWord
0372010030303 Mar 2010AIHWPDF
0382010022424 Feb 2010ADFWord
0392010022424 Feb 2010Ted Noffs FoundationWord
0402010022424 Feb 2010ACONPDF
0412010022424 Feb 2010Alcohol Policy CoalitionPDF
0422010022424 Feb 2010Cancer Council TICPDF
0432010022424 Feb 2010Life Education AustraliaPDF
0442010022424 Feb 2010Womens Health VictoriaWord
0452010022424 Feb 2010NIDACWord
0462010022424 Feb 2010J&JWord
0472010022424 Feb 2010DPMP RoundtablePDF
0482010022424 Feb 2010Australian Family Assoc WAPDF
0502010022424 Feb 2010ReconnexionWord
0512010022424 Feb 2010Mission AustraliaPDF
0532010022424 Feb 2010NDRIWord
0542010022424 Feb 2010IHBIPDF
0552010022424 Feb 2010Youth ProjectsPDF
0562010022525 Feb 2010AANAPDF
0572010022424 Feb 2010GP QLDPDF
0582010022424 Feb 2010Public Hlth Advocacy Institute WAWord
0592010022424 Feb 2010Nagel JayarajWord
0602010022424 Feb 2010AMSANTPDF/Word
0612010022424 Feb 2010NABICPDF
0622010022424 Feb 2010Odyssey House VictoriaWord
0652010022525 Feb 2010NIDACPDF
0672010022525 Feb 2010WALGAPDF
0702010030202 Mar 2010AnexPDF
0722010030202 Mar 2010MUNDIPHARMAWord
0752010030303 Mar 2010Tas IAWGDPDF
0762010030303 Mar 2010ADCAPDF
0772010030303 Mar 2010ATDCPDF
0782010030404 Mar 2010GP NSWPDF
0792010030303 Mar 2010Harm Reduction VictoriaWord
0802010030303 Mar 2010VAADAsPDF
0812010030303 Mar 2010Haemophillia Foundation AustraliaPDF
0822010030404 Mar 2010InspirePDF
0832010030303 Mar 2010NCETAWord
0852010030303 Mar 2010Aust Federation of AIDS OrgWord
0862010030404 Mar 2010Pharm Guild AustPDF
0872010030303 Mar 2010AIVLPDF
0882010022424 Feb 2010FFDLRWord
0892010030505 Mar 2010NSW HealthWord
0902010030808 Mar 2010Public Health Assoc of AustPDF
0912010022424 Feb 2010Civil Liberties AustWord
0962010021717 Feb 2010The Royal Australasian College of PhysiciansWord

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