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Public Submission by Consumers Health Forum of Australia - Draft National Tobacco Strategy 2010 — 2018

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Representing consumers on national health issues

Consumers Health Forum of Australia

21 June 2012

Draft NTS 2012
Healthcare Management Advisors PO Box 1311
Fitzroy North Vic 3068

Dear Sir/Madam

Draft National Tobacco Strategy 2012-18

The Consumers Health Forum of Australia (CHF) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the consultation on the Draft National Tobacco Strategy 2012-18 (the Draft Strategy).

CHF is the national peak body representing the interests of Australian healthcare consumers. CHF works to achieve safe, quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by accessible health information and systems.

CHF welcomes any effort that aims to improve the health of Australians by decreasing their use of tobacco. We have provided numerous submissions in support of the Australian Government's tobacco plain packaging initiative, and are similarly supportive of the broader framework to reduce tobacco related harm set out in the Draft Strategy.

Overall CHF is supportive of the Draft Strategy. Brief comments are provided below on elements of the Draft Strategy that are particularly welcome, as well as on areas where we consider the Draft Strategy could be strengthened.

Welcome elements of the Draft Strategy

CHF welcomes several features of the Draft Strategy:

Strengthening the Draft Strategy

While CHF supports the Draft Strategy, we have identified some areas where it could be strengthened or clarified, drawing on some of the recommendations of the Preventative Health Taskforce relating to tobacco. CHF notes that Action 6.2.2 of the Draft Strategy is Continue to implement regular staged increases in tobacco excise as appropriate, to reduce demand for tobacco. This is supported by research conducted after the 2010 tax increase, cited in the Draft Strategy, that price increases appeared to have an effect on quitting behaviours. CHF considers that the Draft Strategy would be strengthened if it contains an indication of whether the 'staged increases' in tobacco excise would eventually reach the 68 percent recommended by the Preventative Health Taskforce.

CHF appreciates the opportunity to provide comments on the Draft Strategy, and welcomes efforts to reduce the burden on the health system resulting from tobacco use. We look forward to reviewing the final version of the Strategy.

If you would like to discuss the issues raised in this letter in more detail, please contact CHF Senior Policy Manager, Ms Anna Greenwood.

Yours sincerely,

Signature of Carol Bennett,Chief Executive Officer
Carol Bennett
Chief Executive Officer

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