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National Drug Strategy

Submission received from Kym Jones on the draft for consultation of the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018

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Post: Draft NTS 2012
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Dear Health Advisors,

While I appreciate that your determination to stop people smoking appears to be coming from concern for our health, I would propose that the real reason is, as usual, the dollar.

Let me say firstly that I have and will continue to pay more than my fair share in taxes to cover my health costs and probably a heap towards others health costs.

I am a responsible adult and a tired of being treated like a mindless idiot. If you don’t see a service station will it stop you looking for fuel? When you find the fuel and you know you need unleaded, would you appreciate all of the pumps being cover so you don’t know what you’re buying? Do you feel that as a consumer you have rights? Well smokers do too.

This is becoming not just ridiculous, it is now insulting. Smoking is not allowed at an outdoor eating area but non smokers will enjoy their coffee while breathing in truck loads of carbon monoxide. You ask us not to smoke in parks that are at times flanked by major roads producing major pollution.

Instead of wasting money on all these no smoking campaigns, why not put the money into subsidising quitting tools. The price of patches, lozenges and the likes is ridiculous.

Most smokers are polite enough to do the right thing. It is a shame that non smokers don’t show us the same manners.

We are voters, members of our communities, volunteers, doctors, nurses, lawyers and any other profession you can think of. All of us minding our own business, going about our lives and someone else who doesn’t even know us or our situation is making decisions for us.

Human rights activists fight for other humans every day. Who is fighting for us? Enough is enough. Leave us alone.

You should be looking at alcohol not cigarettes. Do you know what alcohol costs in health care or don’t you care because you like a drink. Alcohol is mind altering, cigarettes are not. Alcohol cause domestic violence, cigarettes do not. Alcohol causes street violence, cigarettes do not. There is alcoholic dementia, have you ever heard of nicotine dementia, I don’t think so.

You have picked the wrong enemy and alienated descent people in the process.

My final word on this is to work with us not against us.

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