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National Drug Strategy

The Rights of all People of Australia

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The Civil Rights of the people of Australia who enjoy smoking cigarettes — a legal activity — has been grossly violated by the Australian Government.

Through media distribution, broadcasts, posters and anti-smoking images in public places around the country, bombardment of propaganda from the Australian Government has directly harmed each adult who freely chooses to enjoy a cigarette. By way of these direct actions, the Australian Government has delegated good people to second class citizens (Definition: 1) a citizen, especially a member of a minority group, who is denied the social benefits of citizenship. 2) a person who is not accorded a fair share of respect, recognition, or consideration.

These direct actions of the Australian Government denigrate, defame, discriminate and persecute good people who enjoy a (perfectly legal) cigarette. The Australian Government has with purpose and intent sought to have people quit smoking and to divide a nation. It incites hatred and targets victims because of their membership in a certain social group.

I and all who stand with me, appeal to the Australian Media for printing of this demand for our basic human rights — respect for the life and dignity of every human being. Let this statement be recorded in our history that this is the era of tobacco smoking prohibition, without the decree but with all the hatred and persecution.

To our Diggers and current serving members of our defence forces, to our nurses and to our firefighters and emergency workers — those of you who smoke have reported that passers-by abuse you daily for smoking a cigarette— we, who are not anti-smoking agitators, Thank You for all you do for us and respect your rights to enjoy a cigarette on your break from the extreme pressures and unimaginable events of your day to day work solely for our benefit.

Fact 1: The majority of the oldest recorded humans in the world smoked tobacco; Fact 2: Japan with the highest rate of people who enjoy smoking 48% is reported by WHO as having the lowest rate of lung cancer/disease in the world; Fact 3: Non-smokers die of cancer; Fact 4: Smokers do not all die from cancer or emphysema; Fact 5: Governments and Health Organisations cannot explain Facts 4 and 5. Fact 6: People living in highly populated cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are smoking the equivalent of a pack of cigs each day; Fact 7: Pharmaceutical companies pay billions to governments in order to promote anti-smoking products. Fact 8: Nicotine at extremely high single doses of 54mg are sold on Australian supermarket shelves, in full public display without plain packaging. Fact 9: The Australian Government and other anti-smoking agitators have banned smoking in entire townships, outdoor shopping malls, outdoor cafes, whole streets, beaches, parking lots and almost everywhere but the gutter. Fact 10: In Queensland some café and restaurant owners want to provide outdoor smoking areas but are banned by the Government. Fact 11: Majority of Queensland Taverns now provide only a cubicle size outdoor filthy corner for smoking. Fact 12: Increasingly people who enjoy a cigarette do not spend their money where they're so blatantly pushed away.

So if you are a visitor to our country or are considering studying in Australia and enjoy a cigarette, remember that in Australia you can only have it in the gutter and you will be abused and persecuted. ( Shopping malls, beaches, entire university campuses and entire towns are already closed to the human being who wants a cigarette. Don't come here, you will regret it.

It is considered by many people who enjoy a cigarette that smoking outdoors is fair and reasonable and not smoking around minors is fair and reasonable but the Australian Government did not stop there. If it wasn't for the $7 Billion smoking people pay the Australian Government, innocent Australian people would be prosecuted in addition to the current persecution which is the same as a Hitler regime.

How long will non anti-smoking Australians accept the Australian Government's terrorising of innocent people? Not for much longer, the homosexual movement will have nothing on what smoking Australians will bring to the Australian Government and exactly the same result will occur. The discrimination will be made illegal, the advertising and broadcasting propaganda will stop. The division of people will stop.

Does the Australian Government have other concerns to busy itself with? Feed the starving, protect abused minors, house the poor, research medical breakthroughs, find cleaner drinking water, regulate urban planning for future generations but don't waste time on a human being who freely and wholeheartedly lights a cigarette because we can tell you and have been telling you, we will never bow down to a Government and we will continue to enjoy smoking no matter what the Australian Government does.

Lastly but as importantly, what the Governments around Australia have not noticed is that as millions of us still enjoy smoking, we do not spend money eating out, going to cinemas, shopping in malls or any other spending that precludes us from enjoying a cigarette. We stand together as a very large number with a lot of money that we're not spending. Have Governments calculated these costs? Is the declining national spending not indicating that businesses need to increase business not lose it? Well keep it up, it will decline further and we are not buying.

A copy of the media statement contained in this submission has been forwarded to press around the world beseeching publication for the future generations that there was a time when humans were persecuted, discriminated against and fiercely victimised by Government for having a cigarette. If this idea does not sound completely ridiculous to the reader, I hope the day comes when you enjoy a wine or other legal substance that is systematically removed from society against your will.

Elizabeth Smith

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