National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Workplace Tobacco Management Project Research Findings (Evaluation) Report by Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT

The use of a positive and empowering approach

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Staff were asked to identify the positive elements concerning the policy development and implementation. From the qualitative data a number of themes emerged. By far the largest theme was the use of a positive and empowering approach.

“I believe the group are trying to introduce this policy as sensitively as possible. Having a goal to 'reduce' can be less confronting than a goal to 'quit'. Having an acceptance that we may stop many times for a while before we stop for good shows an understanding of how hard this is for a lot of people. Offering support to workers has been greatly appreciated.”

“Positive and inclusive, places power with the agency - I see this as a health promoting activity.”

“It's just there - no one is harassing me to quit, simply providing me the information and the opportunity. That's empowering and motivating.”

“It's not seen as a negative or imposing action. It's inclusive and considerate of everyone.”

“It encourages women to look at a different way of dealing with things”

Staff are involved and engaged

It was felt that staff were involved, but additional consideration were yet to be sorted.

“Involvement of all staff. However, not yet consistent approach in promoting the policy to visitors”

Becoming the norm

Some staff saw the policy implementation as part of normal organisational processes.

“The policy is now just part of how the organisation runs and is a non-issueʼ”

Places the process in the context of workers philosophy

Some staff were able to put the context of the tobacco policy introduction in the harm reduction approach.

“It shows support to addiction”

“I think it reduces exposure of secondary smoke to both other workers and clients and also removes the role modelling of smoking in front of clients”

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