National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Workplace Tobacco Management Project Research Findings (Evaluation) Report by Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT

Support and awareness for policy development and implementation amongst staff

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Staff and management were asked a series of questions about their knowledge of tobacco management policy development in their organisations.

Staff awareness of policy

The results in figure 5 show that:
Figure 5: Staff knowledge and organisational policy implementation

Graphical presentation of Staff knowledge and Organisational policy implementation. For more detailed description of this image please refer to the descriptive link next to the image D

Staff and organisational support for policy

Much of the concern about the introduction of the smoke-free policy at ACT Government Health Directorate and in particular the Alcohol and Drug Service Withdrawal Unit focused of the processes involved in the policies introduction. The main concern centered on the lack of consultation with staff and managers at the site. In this evaluation, in addition to measuring the number of policies in place, a number of other measures were taken. These included:
Figure 6 shows that over the period of the project:
Figure 6: Proportion of stakeholders highly supportive of staff tobacco management policy implementation

Graphical presentation of  Staff members, Board members, Clients members and Management members supportive of staff management policy implementation. For detailed description please refer to the descriptive link next to the image D

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