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Workplace Tobacco Management Project Research Findings (Evaluation) Report by Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Association ACT

2. Project description

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The alcohol, tobacco and other drug and mental health sector components of the Workplace Tobacco Management Project (WTMP) (the Project) were funded by the Health Promotions Unit, ACT Government Health Directorate under a Healthy Future – Preventative Health Program. The Project was undertaken from 31 May 2010 until 8 December 2011.

The Project was lead by the Alcohol Tobacco And Other Drug Association ACT (ATODA) in partnership with the Mental Health Community Coalition ACT (MHCC) and the Youth Coalition of the ACT and is implemented in collaboration with pilot sites in the mental health, youth and alcohol, tobacco and other drug sectors.

Project aims

The aims of the Project were to:

Pilot sites

The participating sites in the pilot project are:

Project elements

A number of project elements were determined at the commencement of the project to guide the projectʼs progress. These included: Figure 1 highlights the project structure including project elements, data collections, policy development process including the site work plan.
Diagram 1: WTMP structure

Workplace Tobacco Management Project Structure. For more information please refer to the descriptive link next to the imageD

Project target groups and stakeholders

While the pilot sites (primary target groups) were the focus of the Project, it was recognised from the outset that there were also other stakeholders with an interest in the Projectʼs progress. Pending the results; application of the Project methods and tools may have applicability across the broader sector (Secondary target groups). Stakeholders were also heavily involved to ensure two-way communication and dissemination.

Primary target groups

Secondary target groups

The organisations that deliver participating programs more broadly the ACT:

Other key stakeholders


The Project was guided by an Advisory Committee with Terms of Reference.
Committee meeting dates:


The research evaluation of the Project, including surveys, received ethics approval from the ACT Government Health Directorate Human Research Ethics Committee – ETHLR.10.313.
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