National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018: Draft for consultation

Part Seven: Monitoring progress

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Monitoring the implementation of this draft Strategy will require a co-ordinated national effort. Progress in implementing the actions in this draft Strategy will be overseen by the Standing Committee on Tobacco, a subcommittee of the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs (IGCD). The Standing Committee on Tobacco comprises representatives from the Australian Government, State and Territory governments and members with expertise in tobacco control from the non government and academic fields.

Progress in meeting the objectives in this draft Strategy will be measured by the following outcome indicators*:

The Standing Committee will also monitor progress towards the target in this draft Strategy, that is:

By 2018, reduce the national daily smoking rate to 10 per cent of the population and halve the Indigenous smoking rate, over the 2009 baseline.

This Target was agreed by all jurisdictions as part of the COAG National Health Care Agreement and the COAG National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health (NPAPH). The NPAPH also sets interim targets: Success in meeting these interim targets and progress in reducing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking rates will provide an indication of whether the 2018 target of 10 per cent adult smoking prevalence will be reached.

To ensure that Australia is on track to achieve these targets, a formal mid-term review of progress will be undertaken in 2015.

All jurisdictions will report regularly to the IGCD on progress in implementing the actions under each priority area set out in this draft Strategy.

* The feasibility and value of collecting data against each of these indicators will be explored during consultation on the draft NTS 2012-2018.

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