National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Comorbidity of mental disorders and substance use: a brief guide for the primary care clinician


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Table of contents

AGPN - Australian General Practice Network
AOD - Alcohol and other drugs
ARBI - Alcohol related brain injury
CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy
CYP 450 - Cytochrome P450
DASSA - Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
DSM-IV - Diagnostic and statistical manual
GAD - Generalised anxiety disorder
HIV - Human immunodeficiency virus
LSD - Lysergic acid diethylamide
MAO-I - Monoamine oxidase inhibitor
MDMA - 3,4 - methylendioxymethamphetamine
NRT - Nicotine Replacement Therapy
OCD - Obsessive compulsive disorder
PARC - Primary Mental Health Care Australian Resource Centre
PBS - Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
PTSD - Post traumatic stress disorder
RCT - Randomised controlled trial
SNRI - Selective noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitors
SSRI - Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
TBI - Traumatic brain injury
THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol

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