National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

The costs of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug abuse to Australian Society in 2004/05

2. General methodological issues in the estimation of the social costs of drug abuse

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2.1 The definition of costs
2.2 The concept of drug abuse
2.3 Abusive and addictive drug use
2.4 Demographic and human capital approaches
2.5 General equilibrium impacts of drug abuse
2.6 Private and social costs of drug abuse and their policy significance
2.7 Costs of consumption of abused drugs


2.8 Avoidable costs of drug abuse
2.9 The incidence of abuse costs
2.10 Active and involuntary smoking
2.11 Valuation of life
2.12 Pain and suffering
2.13 Welfare
2.14 Revenue impacts of drug abuse
2.15 Research, education and drug program costs

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