National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Submission received from Erika Ferguson on the draft for consultation of the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018

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Submission Form

Details of the person putting forward the submission

Title : Ms

Name: Erika Ferguson

Is your submission on behalf of an organisation or professional association?


If yes, which organisation or professional association ?

What is your position in the organisation ?

Are you or your organisation in any way associated or affiliated with the tobacco industry, or receive funds or resources from the tobacco industry ?

Yes, if you count being on the mailing list for “I Deserve to be Heard”. I do not receive any funds or resources from the tobacco industry.

I want to tell you what it feels like to be a smoker these days. The short version is that it feels like being a member of a persecuted minority.

I’ve watched the anti-smoking movement over the last 40 years. Each and every new rule or regulation is touted as being “the solution” to the problem. Strangely enough, none of the rules or regulations solves the problem and so new rules and regulations and restrictions have to be introduced. I feel that the anti-smoking movement is no longer motivated by a desire to improve health (if that were ever its motivation) but rather to control people’s lives and behaviour.

It is not a democratic government’s job to control the lives of its citizens like an old fashioned school ma’am controlling children. No government should accede to the desires and agendas of a minority that wants to control everyone’s lives.

In the cover sheet to these submissions, you ask people if they are affiliated with the tobacco industry. That’s fair enough but you should also ask people about various other affiliations, such as to the anti-smoking lobby or various religious sects that are anti-smoking.

I noted in the background material provided to those who wanted to make a submission that the researchers had noted that smoking is more common among the poorer members of our community. Guess what, if you stopped taxing tobacco to the hilt and back again, those smokers wouldn’t be so poor!

So, in summary, I would ask that you do not persecute smokers any more than you already do and that you do not increase taxes and excise on tobacco.

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