National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Submission received from Tracie McGregor on the draft for consultation of the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018

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The Australian Government’s actions to date on smoking have been incredibly paternalistic and punitive.

I am tired of being singled out as a social pariah, expected to cop abuse from other people just because I choose to smoke. The government’s policies have caused a significant section of society to be discriminated against and treated like second class citizens. Non smokers feel they have the right to be abusive and rude to smokers and do this with the tacit approval of the government.

With regard to the draft’s assertions that smoking is a financial burden on society, the reverse is actually true. Every smoker has more than paid for any health care they may need by way of excessive taxation on cigarettes, and we are in fact propping up the failing health system. You should all be saying thank you instead of thinking up more ways to impinge on our freedom of choice.

Also, there is no definitive proof that sidestream cigarette smoke causes health problems in others. People walking past smokers are at absolutely no risk from sidestream smoke. They, and particularly children, are much more at risk from motor vehicle exhaust fumes. I don’t see any warnings on the backs of cars.

We already pay too much tax on cigarettes. The government is guilty of amazing hypocrisy with regard to trying to get people to quit whilst enjoying the fruits of the excessive taxation placed on cigarettes.

There are already too many bans on smoking in the community already. Any more will just further alienate smokers and cause a huge backlash.

Remember – cigarettes are a legal product and we have the right to smoke them if we want to. How about directing some of your nanny state energies into addressing other health problems, like alcohol use, which causes a huge amount of health problems and suffering.

No one ever went home and bashed their wife and kids because they’d had too much to smoke. Smoking too much doesn’t cause people to crash their cars and kill and injure themselves or others.

I’m really tired of the government’s constant intrusion into my life and the never ending erosion of my right to live it how I want to. Butt out.

Tracie McGregor

I affirm I am not affiliated with any organization, and I have no past or present affiliation with any tobacco company.

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