National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Draft for consultation of the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018

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Public Submissions closed on Monday 25 June 2012.

The National Tobacco Strategy (NTS) 2012-2018 is being developed by the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs, Standing Committee on Tobacco (Standing Committee), as a sub strategy of the National Drug Strategy (2010-2015).

The draft for consultation of the NTS 2012-2018 (draft for consultation) takes account of: the key policy contexts for tobacco control, such as the COAG National Healthcare Agreement, the COAG National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health, the Australian Government’s response to the National Preventative Health Taskforce report, state and territory tobacco strategies and policies; and recent tobacco reform initiatives.

The goal, as outlined in the draft for consultation is, “To improve the health of all Australians by reducing the prevalence of smoking and its associated health, social and economic costs, and the inequalities it causes.”

At the 27 April 2012 meeting of the Standing Council on Health, the Commonwealth, state and territory Health Ministers agreed to the public release of the draft for consultation.

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