National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Australia's National Drug Strategy beyond 2009: consultation paper

Emerging issues and new developments

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While efforts under the National Drug Strategy have been successful in reducing the overall prevalence of drug use, new trends in drug use (such as an increase in the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs), new ways of using drugs (and hence new and continuing harms) and new policy contexts continue to emerge.

To ensure that the National Drug Strategy continues to be a contemporary document that is responsive to emerging issues and to new developments it will be important to review and refresh some aspects of the Strategy. The MCDS has identified a number of emerging issues, discussed below, that may have an impact on licit and illicit drug use over the next five years. The MCDS would like your input on whether and how the issues identified will have an influence on drug trends, any issues that may have been missed that you think may have an impact, as well as your response to the specific consultation questions asked.
Cross sectoral approaches
Indigenous Australians
Capacity building
New technologies and on-line services
Increased vulnerability
Performance measures

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