National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Call for public submissions on the draft for consultation of the National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018

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Submission Guide

Respondents are not required to conform to a specific format but we request that the submission be succinct and include reference to evidence or best practice to support your information. In particular, we are seeking feedback on the following aspects of the draft for consultation: Submissions do not need to address all points above, and can address issues not listed if appropriate.

How to submit

To be considered, submissions will need to be received by 25 June 2012, via: Draft NTS 2012
Healthcare Management Advisors
P0 Box 1311
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

All submissions should include the Submission Form.

Submissions may be progressively released on the National Drug Strategy website. Whole or parts of submissions which contain information which has been requested to be treated as confidential will not be released, unless consent is subsequently received. Details such as personal email addresses, telephone numbers and home addresses will not be published.

Submission Form

Details of the person putting forward the submission

Title Dr / Prof / Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss / Other
Mailing Address:
State / Postcode:
Email address:
Telephone (optional)
Is your submission on behalf of an organisation or professional association ?
If yes, which organisation or professional association ?

What is your position in the organisation ?

Are you or your organisation in any way associated or affiliated with the tobacco industry, or receive funds or resources from the tobacco industry ?

Please forward your submission to one of the following addresses:
Post: Draft NTS 2012
Healthcare Management Advisors
PO Box 1311
Fitzroy North VIC 3068

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