National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

British American Tobacco Australia - Response to the draft National Tobacco Strategy 2012-2018 - 25 June 2012

Response to The Eight Priority Areas

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The draft NTS identifies eight broad priority areas for tobacco control policy. They are as follows:

1. Strengthen social marketing campaigns to discourage uptake of smoking; motivate smokers to quit; prevent relapse; and reshape social norms about smoking;
2. Continue to reduce the affordability of tobacco products;
3. Bolster and build on existing programs and partnerships to reduce smoking rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
4. Strengthen efforts to reduce smoking among people in disadvantaged populations with high smoking prevalence;
5. Eliminate remaining advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco products;
6. Consider further regulation of the contents, product disclosure and supply of tobacco products and non therapeutic nicotine delivery systems;
7. Reduce exceptions to smoke free workplaces, public places and other settings;
8. Provide greater access to a range of evidence based cessation services and supports to help smokers to quit.

We address each broad priority area in turn. As noted above, if any of these broad areas were to be developed into specific regulatory proposals, we would expect to be consulted so that we could respond more specifically to any such proposals.

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