National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Australian secondary school students' use of tobacco, alcohol, and over-the-counter and illicit substances in 2011

2.7 Definitions of substances

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The substance categories used in this report were identical to the categories used in the questionnaire and adhere to the descriptions and examples provided to students, as follows:

Alcohol: Ordinary beer, low alcohol beer, wine, wine cooler, champagne or sparkling wine, alcoholic cider, alcoholic sodas, premixed spirits, spirits, or liqueurs.

Amphetamines: Amphetamines or speed, uppers, MDA, goey, dex,Dexie’s, dexamphetamine, ox blood, methamphetamine or ice, other than for medical reasons.

Analgesics: Painkillers/analgesics such as ‘Disprin’, ‘Panadol’ or ‘Nurofen’.

Cannabis: Marijuana, grass, hash, cannabis, dope, weed, mull, yarndi, ganga, pot, a bong, or a joint.

Cocaine: Cocaine.

Ecstasy: Ecstasy or XTC, E, MDMA, ecci, X, bickies.

Hallucinogens: LSD, acid, trips, Magic Mushrooms, Datura, Angel’s Trumpet.

Inhalants: Deliberately sniffed (inhaled) from spray cans or sniffed things like glue, paint, petrol or thinners in order to get high or for the way it makes you feel.

Opiates: Heroin, smack, horse, skag, hammer, H, or other opiates (narcotics) such as methadone, morphine or pethidine other than for medical reasons.

Tobacco: Cigarettes.

Tranquilisers: Sleeping tablets, tranquilisers or sedatives such as ‘Rohies’, ‘Rohypnol’, ‘Barbs’, ‘Valium’ or ‘Serepax’, for non-medical reasons.

Steroids: Steroids, muscle, roids or gear, without a doctor’s prescription to make you better at sport, to increase muscle size or to improve your

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