National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

Australian National Council on Drugs

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The Australian National Council on Drugs (ANCD) was established in March 1998 by the then Prime Minister to ensure the voice of the non-government sector is heard and influences policy and practice.

The ANCD represents a cross-section of interests and expertise ranging through academia, medicine, education, law enforcement, treatment services, families who have suffered loss, those who have been affected by drugs, the Indigenous community and government.

Through its diverse membership, the ANCD has the capacity to access an incredible range of expertise throughout the community. To ensure that this expertise covers the particular issues relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the ANCD has established a National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee.

The ANCD provides independent, strategic advice to the Prime Minister on priorities for policy development, emerging licit and illicit drug issues and measures by which these may be addressed.

The ANCD works cooperatively with the Intergovernmental Committee on Drugs, and is actively involved in the National Expert Advisory Committees, which have been established as part of the National Drug Strategic Framework.

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