National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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07 Dec 2010

Submission by Richard Struik (Western Australian Local Government Association)

Introduction and Mission

WALGA supports the background and context. For Local Governments, alcohol and drug misuse contribute to a number of areas where Local Governments build community capacity, including parenting and young children and youth. A study is currently being conducted by the Drug and Alcohol Office into the dollar costs to Local Governments incurred when cleaning litter, vandalised assets and more. Whilst it is difficult to apportion which costs relate directly to Alcohol and Drug misues, estimates would be well in the tens of millions of dollars.

WALGA is pleased to note that support could be offerred to Local Governments and town planners, we are currently partnering with the Drug and Alcohol Office here to work with planners to ensure that they are able to maximise their role in reducing the effects of misuse. We look forward to further news on this particular point.

The Pillars: Supply Reduction

We support this section.

The Pillars: Demand Reduction

We support this section

The Pillars: Harm reduction

We support this section, particularly Objective 1 which involving partnerships with Local Government planning, and Objective 2's focus on strengthening the ability of children to be raised in a healthy environment.


It should be noted that Local Governments provide a substantial workforce which plays its role across preventative health, including alcohol and drug misuse. Many would also benefit from coordinated training to maximise their skills in this area, particularly those in regional and remote areas who often feel isolated and would benefit from further support.

Evidence base and Performance measures

We support this section.


We support this section, and encourage Local Government consultation, information dissemination and participation where appropriate

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