National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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07 Dec 2010

Submission by Simon Beynon (FREECHOICE Stores - Tobacconist)

The Pillars: Supply Reduction

A key approach by the government is to introduce plain packaging on all Tobacco products, this approach only opens the door to a massive in crease in counterfiet tobacco products and therefore pushes the sale of tobacco products underground. Anyone person who is prepared to sell counterfiet cigarettes certainly will not worry about the age of the person they are selling it to. This just places an extra burden on the honest retailer who is ensuring they follow the rules of the land. From our understanding Counterfiet cigarettes account for around 10% of sales cost the government $100's millions every year. The government needs to concentrate on education and not make rash decisions that will cost both the tax payer and honest hard working retailers large amounts of money.

As we have expressed on numerous occasions to both state and federal governement, licences should be introduced to enable the sale of tobacco products, similar to what is currently in place for alcohol, by doing this you will significantly increase the controls you have over the sale of tobacco products and be have a stronger understanding of how many business's are selling tobacco products.

The Pillars: Demand Reduction

Education is the answer, do not make a product taboo as this only makes the young ones want it more. Everyone knows the health risks of tobacco products as it is constantly taught at school, what makes it appealing to many minors is the fact that they should not be having it. This philosophy applies to all drugs both legal and illegal.


We would appreciate being involved in discussions over the approach on tobacco as we are the franchisor of over 180 tobacconists, who derive their income from selling a legal product to persons over the age of 18 and as part of our franchise agreement we make it perfectly clear that all franchisees have a responibility to obide by all federal and state legislation in relation to the sale and display of tobacco products so it is important that we are involved in any discussions that could have a dramitic effect on our franchisees businesses.

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