National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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03 Dec 2010

Submission by P James (Motivated Individual and Parent)

Introduction and Mission

This is a well written and realistic strategy for minimising harm from drugs. I hope the following points provide some valuable feedback for the final strategy.

The Pillars: Supply Reduction

For legal prescription drugs, the implementation of a Real Time Reporting system will aid in reducing the supply of drugs through intervention. Ideally this intervention needs to be at the point of prescription by GP’s. The value of such systems is currently being proven in Tasmania Department of Health and Human Services, who have successfully developed and deployed a Real Time Reporting solution with a local business partner.

Evidence base and Performance measures

I agree that policy and strategy must be evidence based and would like to see more specific reference to this in the Strategy. How is this evidence collected and analysed? Who is responsible for setting and measuring performance against targets? How will this evidence be conveyed to the stakeholders and community?


The ownership of this strategy needs to be clearer, the targets need to be more defined, and the owners need to be seen to be responsible for achieving the targets.

Other comments

As identified in the Draft Strategy it is imperative that the community be part of the solution, so I would like to see more mention of how the strategy will do this. The use of the internet has been identified and I agree that this could facilitate a range of communication channels to the community. For example, web sites showing community dash boards concerning drug use and activity.

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