National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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06 Dec 2010

Submission by Professor John Toumbourou (Deakin University)

Other comments

lthough I appreciate the strategy development process must be sensitive to political, I have some disappointment that the proposed strategy is insufficiently ambitious. Because Australia has a successful history of encouraging population-level behaviour change through the actions coordinated by the previous national drug strategy documents, it would be possible for the next five year strategy to be more ambitious.

Policy actions that are not currently included that research has indicated to be effective for encouraging population-level behaviour change include the following:

• placing a volumetric tax on alcohol and hypothecating funds to health promotion

• raising the minimum age for the purchase and use of alcohol from 18 to 21 years

• taking actions to restrict the marketing and supply of alcohol

• increasing investment in evidence-based prevention of use and harm

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