National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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29 Nov 2010

Submission by Christina Naylor (Drug Awareness NSW)

The Pillars: Supply Reduction

There must be zero tolerance of illegal drugs.

Hours and venues for the sale of alcohol must be reduced - closing time not 3.00 a.m, but 10.00 p.m. at the latest.Thesale of useful commodities is much more restricted than this.

Warning labels must be put on all alcoholic beverages.

Plain packaging for cigarettes should be continued.

The Pillars: Demand Reduction

Legal drinking age should be no earlier than 21.

heavy penalties should apply for supplying alcohol to minors.

Advertising of alcohol must be banned.

TV programs must be monitored to exclude gratuitous

advertising/glamorising of alcohol,tobacco or other drugs.

The Pillars: Harm reduction

Injecting rooms, needle exchanges and drug substitjution must be replaced by genuine programs to cure addiction (e.g. with naltrexone).

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