National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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29 Nov 2010

Submission by Michael (NationalOrganisation to Reform Marijuana Laws)

Other comments

After reading the National Drug Strategy it provides me with pages upon pages of proof that prohibition is a sad,broken,outdated measure that has NEVER worked.

When the Police themselves are publishing articles that look at alternatives to prohibition as in the Australian Police Journal March 2010 edition, it really shows what a sad state of affairs it is.

Under a regulated taxed cannabis system with proper education the gateway drug theory dissolves. The gateway theory is born of prohibition itself.

When a person tries cannabis for the first time after being taught how EVIL cannabis is and find it to not be the case, they assume this to be true of all their drug education. They think well the cannabis was relatively harmless,I was lied to. Maybe these other drugs arent as bad as i was educated to believe either. Drug dealears are not concerned about what they sell, only about profits. Under a regulated system people moving onto harder drugs would be greatly reduced as cited in Portugal and Holland. It would also reduce the availability of cannabis to minors leaving the tax dollars to crack down of the devistating trade of amphetamines and opiates.

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