National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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27 Nov 2010

Submission by Mike (Western Health)

The Pillars: Harm reduction

Although this Strategy document earler mentions Pharmaceutical Drug Misuse, this subject (and it's increasing recognition, related morbidity and mortality) is not addressed specifically in this section: I believe it should outline strategies like Real-Time Recording of all pharmacy dispensed medicines being made available to ALL doctors so as to help reduce the risk of drug diversion and drug related risk; further, strategies like the FDA's REMS (Risk Evaluation and Monitoring) approach to increasing Opioid prescrition; the better education (and enhancing performance/ quality assurance) of doctors in regards to Opioid risk identification and management. etc approach and


Addiction Medicine is a new specialty: it's existance can increase the probability of doctors becoming more involved in detecting and better managing Alcohol and Drug problems because a formal/entrenched part of established medical culture (indeed a "modus operandi") involves, from point of entry as a medical student, an awareness of specialists, opportunity to train as a specialist, and practical/working knowledge about working with specialists ("who and when to call" etc): the visible presence of Addiction specialists can help ensure AoD problems take a formal place within the important medical professional/hospital portion of our healthcare workforce. I believe this point is not clearly addressed in this section of the document.

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