National Drug Strategy
National Drug Strategy

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22 Nov 2010

Submission by Tanya (NA)

The Pillars: Harm reduction

Although the strategy recognises smoking as being more prevelant among lower socio economic groups the continual rise in cost of tobacco creates even more financial strain and therefore social problems for individuals and families.

Strategies to prevent uptake of smoking include limiting advertising and display of tobacco yet these were all exposed to older smokers at a young age. Smokers are effectively being blamed for their behavoiur and seen as deserving of the continual extra taxes on their product of dependance- a classic case of blame the victim.

The strategies to make smoking less acceptable are working to the extent that they result in the smoker being stigmatised so that they are vulnerable in a political sense.

The ever increasing cost of cigarettes needs to be addressed as a strategy to reduce the social harms individuals and families experience from this addicitve substance.

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